Pandit Bade Ramdasji Mishra

A doyen of vocal music and the distinguished artiste of Kashi,Pandit bade Ramdas Mishra was born in 1877. He was an accomplished singer of the four pathas.Panditji received training in Khayal, Tappa, Tapkhayal, Thumri, Hori from his great vocalist father Pandit Shivanandan Mishra.He gained complete mastery over Dhrupad & Dhamar and had a repertoire of over 400 Bandishas.The unremitting zeal with which he trained for 18 years almost daily, catapulted him among the galaxy of eminent vocalists of kashi .He performed at innumerable concerts organized in the country and in the princely states. By now panditiji had carved a niche for himself among the leading vocalist. Pandit V.D. Paluskar was thunderously impressed with his musical prowess and hailed him to as “the standard bearer of the Hindus”. His repertory had the admixture of all four pathas .He made commendable composition by creating countless bandishas in different ragas-talas.

He left behind a long line of gifted descendants and discipline who carry forward his glorious traditions and have earned plaudits far & wide .Panditji imparted training to a vast multitude of singers,Sarangi players,Sitarists,Violinists,Shehnai players who are enriching the musical tradition of kashi.Sri Uma Dutt Sharma, the proud father of Santoor maestro Padmavibhushan Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma was one of his many disciplined student who won laurels in india and abroad.Panditiji was conferred Sangit upadhi, Sangitopadhyaya, Sangit Samrat,Sangit Kalanidhi ,Sangitacharya besides many other prestigious hounours and awards.Pandit Bade Ramdas Mishra ji left for his heavenly abode at the ripe age of 81 years on 11th January ,1960 in Kashi.

Pandit Hari Shankar Mishra

Pandit Harishankar mishra Ji was born in 1917 in the family of renowned vocalists of kashi. Both his father Pandit Shyam Sundar Mishra and uncle Pt.Bade Ramdas ji Mishra were renowned singers. Panditiji became a celebrity by dint of his sterling performances at famous concerts held in major towns of India . Panditji excelled in vocal music by his inimitable style of Chhands-Prabandha, Dhrupad-dhamar, Khayaal, Tappa, Sargam, Gulnaksha, Rubais, Thumri, Chaiti,Holi.

His layakari was matchless.Leading tabla and mridangam accompanists showered praises on him.He was a noted artiste receiving patronage of Nepal and Rampur royal courts. Panditji had the unique quality of old age new ,common and rare ragas and talas. Pandiji served for Bhatkhande Sangit Mahavidyalaya Lucknow for almost two decades.

He was conferred several prestigious awards in recognition of his immerse contribution to the sphere of vocal music- Sangeet Natak Academy award, Sangitacharya,Sangit Mahamahapadhyaya were a few of many such felicitations. Panditji left his mortal coils in 1990 in Kashi.

Pandit Ganesh Prasad mishra

Pandit Ganesh Prasad Mishra ji come from the distinguished Banaras Gharana of Pandit Bade Ramdas Ji Mishra, born in 1934 at Azamgarah. His father Pandit Bachchan Mishra Ji, a devoted artiste of vocal and instrumental taught at Shantiniketan for a number of years. Trained under the able guidance of his grandfather Pandit Bade Ramdas Ji Mishra Panditji achieved rare distinction in Dhrupad-Dhamar, Khayal, thumri & Tappa, Dadra,Bhajan etc. He shot in to fame as a singer and teacher.He served as a head of department of music at Sampurnanand Vishvavidyalaya and later he joined as Professor of Bhatkhande Music University in 1970 & got retired in 1992 as Vice Chancellor of the same. Panditiji has presented vocal performance at various concerts in India & Abroad. He has earned the distinction of creating new bandishas in different Ragas and Talas & created more than 500 bandishas.

His elder son Pandit Vidyadhar Mishra is currently teaching as a Professor in the Department of Music and Performing Arts, Allahabad University and has kept alive the Glorious music traditions of his legendary ancestors. Pandit Ganesh Prasad Mishra Ji was was the Top Grade Artiste of Akashvani & Doordarshan & his performances there have been scintillating and have won the hearts of hundreds and thousands of music lovers. Many of Pt.Ganesh Mishra ji’s disciples have added splendors to the rich musical tradition of kashi.Recognizing his talents the Govt.of japan extended an invitation to him . Pandit Ji Performed in almost all major musical fests of the country and earned laurel across the World including countries like Sri-Lanka, Singapore, Nepal & Japan where he used to perform very often. Governors of several Indian state showered ‘encomiums’ on his extraordinary musical genious . U.P. Sangeet Natak Academy has conferred its highest honour upon him. Also he was honoured by the Vice President Of India. Among the many prestigious honours that he has been felicitated with are Sangitacharya, Sangit Acharya Shiromani(Munal, Lucknow), Kalashri Award(Bikaner,Rajasthan), Swar Siddhi Award(New Delhi) and Sangeet kalanidhi. Pandit Ji left for his heavenly abode on 4th February 2015.